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w4rner is part of the senior technical staff of Fast Feed LLC. They received a M.A. in computational social science from U Chicago in 2019. They are one of the authors of DinnerSpinner, the Company's smartphone app system for recommending dope spots to chow down.

More late-breaking bio news: they are the project lead of "Net Working? A Fulbrighter Conversation", to appear at FulbrighterNetwork.com.

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Real Life

Onward to the first person. My real life interests include

Finally, Boris's Bridge is one of the greatest cartoons in the universe. (The other is Dilbert.)

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Cerulean City
flipPh.one: (351) 333-0045
Fax: Not sure how to Fax. If you know, please schedule a Zoom call with me to explain.
Email: w4rner@w4rner.me
This web page is a homage to the first website of Tamara Munzner, one of the first bio pages ever created. Dark Mode coming in 2022.

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